KGK Studios is a full service digital recording studio and post production house located in the south suburbs of Chicago.

Kevin Kralj

(Executive Producer / Chief Mix & Mastering Engineer)

A true byproduct of his environment, Kevin grew up during the peak of his dad’s musical career. He still recalls the countless nights spent watching his dad perform from what was then his favorite seat in the house, “sitting on the floor right behind the drums, mesmerized by his every move”. And the rest as they say was history. It was not long before Kevin would decide to pick up the sticks himself, ultimately catapulting himself into his lifelong career in music.

From what he jokes “is just another page from the age old story of drummer turned guitarist, turned songwriter, turned everything else.” It would prove to be these string of unforeseen musical journeys that would eventually lead Kevin to discovering himself in what would become his most important role in music to date…Producing.

Kevin has assisted many different artists in the writing, arranging, recording, and producing of their material. With experiences in everything from Pop, to Rock, Folk, Hip-Hop, R&B, Country… amongst others, he is equipped to take on even the greatest producing challenges of any style.

It was through his decorated life as a producer that caused Kevin to stumble head first into the wide open world of mixing and mastering. Falling in love with this new found creative potential, Kevin

Music Credits : LJ, Troy Anderson, Martin Newsongz, Aakash Ravikrishnan, Cody Ray, Eric Slingo, Hodje, Ethan & Quinn, The Rift, and Single Player

Film Credits : "Homeless", "The Distance Between Us", "Boxing Day", "Shell", and "Witness Nikki Hall"

George Kralj

(Producer / Engineer)

Throughout the 90's, George was making waves as a founding member of Chicago's Power Pop trio the Idea. With some 7 studio albums to date, The Idea would also go on to be featured on over 10 compilation records including the Christmas classic "Yuletunes" also featuring (Matthew Sweet, Material Issue, Shoes, and Don Dixon).

Throughout his life as musician, he would have the opportunity to travel and perform all over both domestically and internationally. Some of his favorites include performing at the legendary Cavern Club and Philharmonic Theatre in Liverpool. He has also provided support and opened for artists such as America, Jethro Tull, Toto, Idea of March and many others.

 It was though his tenured experience as a performing musician that would lead him to finding his passion for recording. George has been apart of many recording sessions out of many different studios including Gravity Studios, Short Order Recording and Hubbard Street Studios.

As a life long multi-instrumentalist, and

on and been apart of recordings sessions out of Gravity Studios, Short Order Studios, Hubbard Street Studios. Has performed at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool, Opened for America and Jethro Tull at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, Has performed at both the Liverpool and Belgian Mons Beatles Week Festivals. With well over a couple dozen album credits as both a performer and as an engineer . 

Music Credits: The Idea, Phil Angotti, The Scuffle, Andalusian Dogs, Rubber Clown Car, Portland, Kitty Devine, Brass Buckle Band, Eight Pound Gorilla, Carl Freeberg